Boon & Lane Limited (Est. 1966)
Boon & Lane Limited                           (Est. 1966)

"They always have delivered excellent product and service...."  Tony Peirson MD (Ken Peirson & Son Ltd)

Electric hat stretcher                            

£1399.00 + VAT             Electric  heated thermostat hat stretcher

                                  Polished aluminium construction

                                  Size range 53-64cm

                                  Heat range 0-130c

                                  Table top mountable

                                  Suitable for stretching all materials

Wood hat stretcher            

£445.00 + VAT               Solid wood construction

                                   Size range 53-64cm

                                   Suitable for stretching all materials                             

Large millinery iron

£55.00 + VAT         Perfect for any fabric

                               Teflon coated shoe

                               Temp 100-220 c

                               LCD temperature display

                               Stand and iron sock included


Detail iron / flower iron

£49.50 + VAT             A mini iron perfect for those difficult to reach areas

                                  Perfect for any fabric

                                  2 Temperature settings (high and low)

                                  Comes complete with flat shoe


Egg/ball irons

£49.50 each  + VAT     Heavy sturdy construction

                                    Custom sizes available - call for details

Trimming turntable

£155 + VAT              Aluminium construction

                                  Table top mountable

                                  Table diameter 28cm

                                  Trimming crown optional £39.99 + VAT

                                  Trimming crown requires square stand hole


Blocking cord

£29.00  + VAT per roll     132m nylon thread

                                    Perfect fit for stringmark/rope lines

                                    Correct amount of stretch for a perfect 'pull'

                                    Can be used on aluminium or wood blocks

                          Hat blocking machine   (see it being used here)

                          £POA                         Sturdy heavyweight machine

                                                             High rate of hat production

                                                            Can manufacture hats in all materials

Dog bolt

£7.50 + VAT each     Securely holds down your aluminium

                                 hatblock to your hat blocking machine

Top gate burner

£63.50 + VAT             Heats the top half of your aluminium hatblock


Bottom ring burner

£54.50 + VAT             Heats the bottom half of your aluminium hatblock

Gas tubing

£POA                          Requires minimum 4ft per side of your hatblocking


String wing

£19.50 + VAT each      Fitted to the upright post of your hatblocking

                                      machine, holds tension by wrapping the cord into

                                      the splines


Centre tree

£POA                            Control heat to your burners

Pan wax

£29.50 + VAT                  Keeps your aluminium hatblocks clean  

(per pkt 1kg approx)          Simply wipe with a cloth after each hat blocking



Sewing machine stand

£49.50 + VAT                  Perfect for your 17 guinea machine

                                         All aluminium construction

                                         (Sewing machine not included)