Boon & Lane Limited (Est. 1966)
Boon & Lane Limited                           (Est. 1966)

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12/4/14- Brand new hat blocks added to 'FOR SALE/SPECIAL OFFERS'


28/3/14- Fantastic Spring/Summer designs available to purchase in the showroom


 3/12/13- Our wonderful English Heritage video added to title page - a must see


 3/2/13 - New album added to the 'restricted area' (contact to view this client area)


2/1/13 - We are proud to announce our latest exhibition showing at Luton Museum  (see the scrapbook page)


30/9/12 - Stunning new designs added across the site


26/9/12 - Items added to FOR SALE/SPECIAL OFFERS section


 29/5/12 - Items added to FOR SALE/SPECIAL OFFERS section


23/5/12 - Website visitors hit 10000


29/2/12 - 'For Sale/Special Offers' section added , see what you can purchase for immediate delivery


26/2/12 - Our 'plaster craft' section added , showing some of our showroom display items


 10/1/12 - Milliners showcase finally started , we would love to see how our hatblocks look when made into hats , send your images to be included , and we'll link to your website.


29/12/11 - New media, metal hatblock and hat blocking machine images added to 'metal hatblocks'


 23/12/11 - Cloche designs added to 'restricted area' (contact us to view these designs) mini electric flower tool/mini iron added to 'millinery equipment'


19/12/11 - New designs for winter 2012  added to 'restricted area' (contact us to view this area)


13/11/11 - New designs added across the various section headings , 2012 album added to 'restricted area' contact steve or alan to view this section


 18/10/11 - BBC Three Counties radio link added in "about us"


17/10/11 - More testimonials added , and a fantastic blog link by "teacupmilliner" well worth a read about us (in "about us" section)


1/10/11 - We have opened a new area of our site for our clients to show their creations made on our hatblocks, email your hat images to appear in our 'milliners showcase' section


 25/9/11 - New hatblock designs added and check out our new millinery irons


 4/9/11 - We have launched our brand new website, take a good look around there is lots to see.  We have included a couple of 'offers' to celebrate our launch -

All wood 'down brims' have a FREE bando and stringmark/ropeline groove worth £45

All wood 'up brims' have a FREE stringmark/ropeline groove added worth £15


Remember if you wish to enter our 'restricted area' you'll need the password - give us a call, we will need to talk to you.


We hope you will enjoy our site and frequently return, updates of new designs and millinery equipment will be on going.